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Basic of Sexual Health (BOSH)
is for those who are working in healthcare settings.

It is facilitated by professional registered nurses who are trained to a high quality standard in reproductive and sexual health, and who are currently practising in the reproductive and sexual health clinic at Kings College Hospital.

Target Audience
This course is designed to be useful for client support workers who are new to working within sexual health, and for health care workers who have an interest in sexual health and how to clinically manage asymptomatic patients.

The client support workers in sexual health currently work autonomously delivering clinical care to primarily asymptomatic patients, their competencies are achieved through in house training and enable staff to perform venepuncture for routine HIV, STS and Hep B tests; carry out screening for sexually transmitted infections; perform pregnancy tests and instant HIV tests, as well as to act as the patient’s advocate

The course was developed because of the need to enhance these practical skills with theoretical knowledge.

The course runs over two days. Participants are encouraged to stay for both full days.

This course is structured to include classes on history taking, contextual knowledge on Hepatitis, Syphilis and HIV, Partner notification, survivors of sexual assault through mixture of group work and presentations.