Next SHIP Training

Sexual Health In Practice (SHIP) LSL & Bromely Staff Only

Really benefited towards my teaching and creating confidence to speak to all patients about sexual health .

This interactive, practical, peer-led training in sexual health has been tailored for GPs and Practice Nurses in the primary care setting. It will enable LSL clinicians to update knowledge and develop further skills in assessing sexual health risk, by offering real life approaches to HIV and STI testing, diagnosis and management. Join the 240 LSL clinicians who have benefited so far from SHIP in changing their practice to tackle our significant local HIV & STI rates. Attending the SHIP course will enable you to:

  • Demonstrate increased skills in raising sexual health with general practice patients
  • Develop strategies to overcome barriers to STI testing
  • Practice techniques in assessing risk
  • Increase your confidence in using a range of opportunities to offer an HIV test
  • Reflect on how to increase your testing rates
  • Explore updated epidemiological trends
  • Recognise HIV-related conditions

Additional SHIP Training LSL Only Basic Contraception

This training, run over two half days, is for Practice Nurses who have already completed SHIP entry-level trainingand who require basic contraception. Applicants are required to attend both sessions.